Each Leader of participating team will receive an email with his country’s name and password to login the Registration page.

Information needed for Registration:

  • For students:
    “Students’ ID (with photo)”, “Students’ Photo(Front- View Mug Shot)”, date of birth for students.
  • For Leaders:
    “Photo of Front-View Mug Shot” and the Leader1 needs to provide the surface mail address.

We will send the APhO packages to the surface mail address after successfully registered is completed. Please notice that the last date for Registration is at April 23. If the Registration cannot be completed on time, please contact us for an extension.

Step-1 Login

Login is must before filling out the form. You won’t able to fill the form if you haven’t login in the website provided by APhO in the leaders official email.

In any case if you haven’t got the email and password contact us here.


Step-2 Fill Details

Step-3 Payment