Guidelines for use of Calculators

Guidelines for use of Calculators

In case you don’t receive the calculators sent by us, students are allowed to use their own calculators.

The calculator models listed in the “Allowed” category below will be permitted to be used for APhO examinations, and those in the “Disallowed” category will NOT be permitted.

Calculator models NOT included in either of these lists will be permitted to be used for APhO examinations only if they satisfy the following criteria:

  • Calculators should not have a graphing mode.
  • Their display must not have more than three rows for any function, like matrix mode.
  • Calculators should not contain equation solver or integration function.
  • Should not have stored physical constants (e.g. gravitational constant) in their inbuilt memory.

Front panel photos of such calculators must be sent for verification to the prior to the examination and the decision of the Centre Coordinator to allow/disallow a particular calculator will be final and binding.

Find below the front panel photograph of the calculators sent by us to the participating students